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LA Influencer Teri Miyahira says the PH Simply Body & Hand Creme is the "BEST Hand Cream" She's Ever Used!

Teri Miyahira loves the PH Simply Body & Hand Creme!

LA Influencer Teri Miyahira raves that the PH Simply Body & Hand Creme is "literally THE BEST Hand creme I have ever used!"   

After receiving this product, she told us, “I am OBSESSED with the Hand Crème! I am consciously trying not to use it all up so quickly!  My hands crack and bleed from severe dryness, and it is the best cream I’ve ever used!”

In her Green Go To's Monthly Favorites YouTube Video for February of 2017, Teri also expresses her love for the PH Simply Nettoyant 4-hour hand & skin sanitizer.  It is the first cosmetic grade sanitizer, and it is indeed a unique product.

Watch the YouTube Video Here (at 6:19 in the timeline) >>

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