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PH Simply Organic Face Cleanser in Campagne Française - citrus blossoms and golden tea - 100ml


Face Cleanser in CAMPAGNE FRANÇAISE (citrus blossoms + golden tea) a Limited Edition Luxe Essential Note

$ 48.40

2017 WINNER of the Beauty Industry Awards Best Use of an Ingredient in a Finished Product.

2017 WINNER of the Beauty Industry Awards: Best Use of an Ingredient in a Finished Product.

Product Description

The PH SIMPLY Face Cleanser is one of the flagship products of the PH SIMPLY skincare line. While most cleansers have 10-25 ingredients, most of which are there to mitigate the drying effect of the surfactants that are present, the PH SIMPLY Face Cleanser has 2: water and extract of Saponin, which comes from soap berries that are sustainably and fair-trade farmed in India and Nepal.

Formulated not to strip the sebum and natural oils from your skin, this organic serum-like facial cleanser will not dry out your skin but will deep clean, invigorate, and promote youthful, luminous beauty.

Works best with the PH SIMPLY BALANCING TONER and PH SIMPLY FACE CRÈME.  For men and women/unisex.  Works for all skin types.

- What It Does: Deep cleans pores and gently removes toxins from the skin

- How It Works: Uses 100% plant-based saponins

  • Naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal
  • Doesn't strip sebum from your skin
  • Gentle balancing cleanser

- Proven Results: Leaves skin smoother, softer, and silkier

Campagne Française Essential Note Description

ESSENTIAL NOTE: citrus blossoms + golden tea

INSPIRATION: The anticipation of sunrise over the French countryside. Yellow gold tea buds enhanced by sparkling citrus blossoms breathe uplifting aromas on the whispers of dawn.


Moisten face and neck with warm water.  Pump a small amount into your hand, create a gentle lather, and apply it to your face and neck.  Rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a clean, warm cloth. For best results, use before applying the PH SIMPLY ORGANIC BALANCING TONER and the PH SIMPLY FACE CRÈME.

Product Details

Ingredients: Proprietary extract of Saponin, Deionized Water (Aqua), organic fragrance oil

Origin: Made in the USA.

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