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While our name pays homage to Rue Saint-Honoré, a nexus of fashion in Paris, and home to many iconic brands such as Hermès, Chanel, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Prada, our products are proudly formulated, made, and packaged in the USA. PARIS HONORÉ is a luxury organic skincare company started by and run by women who all share a passion for natural living and healthy beauty.  All of the PH skincare products are natural, organic, hand-blended, hydrating, restorative… and they produce visible results!

Meet the PARIS HONORÉ Team

Colleen Canning CEO of PARIS HONORÉ

COLLEEN CANNING came to PH from a highly successful business management career at a Fortune 100 corporation world and brings her knowledge of sales, marketing, and product development.

Looking and staying healthy have always been cornerstones in her daily life, and she is thrilled to be able to leverage her experience to help create awareness and share the benefits of PARIS HONORÉ organic skin care with folks who feel the way she does about health and beauty. 

Colleen Canning, CEO

Colleen Canning, CEO

Cyndi M. Frick, COO

CYNDI FRICK came to PH from owning a small business and brings her entrepreneurial experience in design, marketing, and managing daily operations.  

Having struggled with her own skin-related issues in the past, she strives to find and support healthy skincare products that she deems safe and effective for herself and for her family.

hand-blended by Cyndi Frick

Cyndi M. Frick, COO

Ali Pfoser, Cosmetic EngineerALI PFOSER came to PH from a background in the modeling industry as well as the health and wellness industry.  

Her life experience combined with formulating her own products has lead her to appreciate and understand that it’s not just about how you look, it’s about how you feel and that being healthy plays a big role in looking and feeling your best.

Hand-Blended by Ali Pfoser

Ali Pfoser, Cosmetic Engineer