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Costco Partners with PARIS HONORÉ to Sell the Award-Winning Face Cleanser!

Costco Partners with PARIS HONORÉ to Sell the Award-Winning Face Cleanser!\

Since meeting with Costco buyers at the Indie Beauty Expo in LA this past January, the PARIS HONORÉ Team has been working diligently on a mutually-beneficial partnership with the membership-based retailer.  Ten months later, PARIS HONORÉ is more than ecstatic to announce the launch of their award-winning organic Face Cleanser on's website.

"We have made great strides this year since attending the Indie Beauty Expo.  Making strong in-person connections is still one of the most effective ways to extend the reach of a brand" says Co-Founder, Cyndi Frick.

Beauty Industry Awards Winner

Costco chose to feature the Face Cleanser because of the notoriety it gained from winning the 2017 Global Award for Best Ingredient in a Finished Product by the Beauty Industry Awards. 

Four of the best-selling Essential Notes will be available on




INSPIRATION - Less is more. Simple, fragrance-free, and safe for sensitive skin.

BRISE D'ÉTÉ (grapefruit + linen)

ESSENTIAL NOTE - fresh and bright - grapefruit and linen

INSPIRATION - Opulence and luxury coalesce with moist sea breezes from the pristine blue waters of the French Riviera. Spellbinding with breaths of fresh linen and hints of succulent grapefruit. 

CHAMPS DE LAVANDE (French lavender)

ESSENTIAL NOTE - French lavender and green tea. 

INSPIRATION - A promenade along the entrancing Lavender Route in Provence. Aromatic and persuasive. Ethereal nuances of lavender and green tea charm and pacify mind and body.

MIMOSA (citrus + champagne)

ESSENTIAL NOTE - citrus - orange and champagne.

INSPIRATION - Sparkling and bright citrus mixed with enlivening spirits of the world’s finest champagne. Brunch and mimosas at Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse à l'Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo.


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